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EARTH Magazine

Solar System Steals Alien Comets (September 2010)
Out of the Blue: Ancient Pigment Found in Medieval Church (August 2010)
Scientists Locate Younger Dryas Flood (July 2010)
Working Together To Build the Andes (July 2010)
White Roofs Could Cool Cities and the Planet (May 2010)
Pacific Northwest Earthquake Threat Heightened? (April 2010)
China Earthquake Caused By Reservoir? (February 2010)
Haiti Devastated By Major Earthquake (January 2010)
New Evidence of Santorini's Far Reach (January 2010)
We're Back! Life Makes Return After Mass Extinction (January 2010)
Waters Off Alaska Growing More Acidic (November 2009)

Poughkeepsie Journal

Kids get current on currency (April 3, 2009)
Technician tunes, repairs pianos (March 31, 2009)


Ode to Long Underwear